I was There: Climate March in Tacloban, PH


Tacloban, Leyte took the global scene not for the discovery of cancer treatment but sadly because the most devastating super typhoon strucked the region . Typhoon Yolanda was one hell of a typhoon. But more than the narratives of devastations, the deeper issue lies on how we overlooked the fight for climate crisis. Climate crisis is climate change and people should act holistically to immediately address this global dilemma because our lives and the lives of the next generation is at stake,and it is certainly non-negotiable.

From the glaciers of the north, harvests of the tropicals to the super typhoons of the orientals, people fully felt the consequences of climate crisis. It threatens the security of livelihood, food and even our own lives. Thus, it’s super significant that people around the world comes together to call on the world leaders in COP21 to cut those harmful emissions and greenhouse gases and invest to 100% clean energy, enact ambitious genuine solutions to climate crisis.

Taclobanons, the first-hand witnesses, victims and survivors of the wrath of mega typhoon Yolanda came together, flood the streets of donwtown Tacloban, marching for genuine climate solutions, for the future generation  and for climate justice.

That was a fulfilling experience for me and the squad. Engaging ourselves to the outcry of the masses, of the planet. So here’s a quick visual diary of the Climate March in Tacloban, PH.

These are the frontline women groups that supports and fights for climate justice.
Various college students from different state, universities and colleges around Tacloban marched with one goal- climate justice.
Students from Eastern Visayas State University didn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun during the entire pendency of the Climate March. I’m so proud of these individuals. Love you guys!
The next generation is fully aware of the crisis that’s existing and they want to let the world know that the welfare of their generation lies upon our hands.
Members of Kalayaan leads the youth movement for climate justice.
I love this crew. Together in fighting for the only planet.
We are for Climate Justice!

These photos were taken by my awesome friend Nicole Monge.:)

To everyone who supported and join the movement, THANK YOU!

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