10 Things to do in San Isidro, Leyte

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This underrated municipality of Leyte located around four hours of land trip from Tacloban City is a laid-back, mellow beauty with stunning views to visit and warm people to be with.

Jolleanne, a very good friend of mine, after several cancelled plans to visit her own municipality was in awe late morning of April 02 when Johann, Kariel, Me and Nicole was waiting in front of their house trying to compose ourselves from the very exhausting 4-hour land trip. She was not expecting our visit claiming that she was used to how we cancel San Isidro plans. Well, I can’t blame her.

Jolliep (that’s what I call Jolleanne) welcomed us in their venerable, well-decorated two-storey house. She offered us brunch and karaoke. HAHA. Yes, karaoke at around 11am.

The first day we just had to stay in the house, rest a bit from the tiresome four hours travel making ourselves at ease and getting to know the rest of Jolliep’s family. Tito and tita were very accommodating. The trip was about to get exciting the next days.

 So here’s 10 things we experienced in San Isidro and every  goer should definitely do as well.

  1. Chase the San Isidro Sunset by the port. Nothing beats this view. I was in praising God all the time for such a woderful masterpiece. Breathtaking.


2. Ride with their seesaws while enjoying the majestic San isidro Bay. Find your way back to your childhood heart. Savor the childish moments with the squad. A small chichat while witnessing the halcyon sky colors wont hurt.




3. Capture stuning mountainscapes. Appreciate what nature has to offer. Utilize that attitude to inspire environmental preservation. The next generation certainly deserves natural views like this.





4. Be thrilled with almost an hour motorcycle ride to Punod resort (the best resort there!). The ride won’t be easy yet it’s worthwhile. It is advisable to have a little thrill once in a while. It will let you feel that you’re alive, brave and awesome.



Look at that! If you dont consider this exciting, then I don’t know if you’re a human.


5. Here comes Punod Resort. Savor the view! Secure instagram-worthy shots. Feel the fresh air. Forget everything and live for the resort (I mean, you paid for an entrance fee. HAHA)  Joke. I mean the moment.


6. Take groufies in the gigantic wooden hammock.



7. Take a quick rest in their eco-friendly villas.



8. Never forget to wear that bikini for the pool. Yes, Johann and Jolleanne killed it. Well, at least I have standards to beat now. Watchout. Kidding!



9. Walk by the beach and dip in the sea. Make sure you brought your comfy slippers. Don’t imitate me. I hate myself during this part where I have to ruin my own mandals. Pretty depressing but the beach compensated it.






10. Seize the moment with your squad. Carpe Diem!



This trip is definitely one for the books.So If i were you better plan your San isidro getaway now.

A big thanks to Perino family who welcomed and adopted us for days. To Johann, Kariel, Monge, Ate Jo and Jolliep, I had fun. So much fun. You guys are the best! To Nicole’s camera, thank you for letting us capture these moments.


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