The Six Stages of Thesis Production


It’s almost two months since we passed our final thesis yet the memories of what we’ve been through is still alive. By sharing our struggles,I hope to inspire the next thesis people to keep fighting and finish it strong.

Hence,the six stages of thesis production. A narrative of our struggles, my realizations and what you should be doing in each phases.

The Sunblock Season

Every research study starts with data gathering- an exhausting data gathering under the scorching heat of the sun. That’s essentially the reason why this phase is called- the SUNBLOCK SEASON.

Interviews are the easiest method of gathering data. Aside from a wide array of contents that could be sources of analysis, meeting with various type of individuals and hearing their stories- narratives of perseverance and discontentment, pains and victories and dreams as well as aspirations makes interviews worth doing. However, the case is different if you’re already dealing with government agencies, trying to arrange an interview. Bureaucratic bullshits make the entire transaction a total headache.

Nevertheless, we successfully gathered the needed data and digits for the study. It’s just that this phase was really tiresome. And roaming around for interviews under the sun, it’s always a must to apply sunscreens.

The Everyone-Is-Super-Excited Phase

This is where each member of the group is at their hype to finally do the writing. Ideas are overflowing. The enthusiasm is at its peak. Deadline? What’s that? HAHA


This is the phase where outlining all possible subtopics should exist. As early as this phase, each member should already have a picture of how and where will the study starts and ends. The advantage of letting everyone oriented of the flow of the research engages the entire members to criticize the flow and make it better, to add up new subtopics that would strengthen the thesis and discredit unnecessary concepts that would only hinder smooth flow of idea.

Problematic at this part is the luxury of time. The tendency to think that there;s still a kit f time remaining in the world only caters procrastination resulting to poorly written thesis and bad organization of concepts.

Excitement should be handled in the most productive manner because sometimes it paralyzes us.

The Breakup Phase

Insert Taylor Swift playlist here.

This is the saddest phase of the production process. The usual lines of the professor includes, but not limited to;

“Poorly written!”

“Read more RRL”

“I don’t get your objectives. Where exactly are they?”

Its normal to feel upset. Its normal to feel down. Its normal to feel embarrassed. But please make sure you go beyond that.

Its ok to pause for a while. Its ok to take a walk for a while. Its ok to distract yourself for a while. But please make sure when you getbback home you’re fully prepare to start the battle again.

Firsts are usually the most painful, but they’re also the most meaningful.

The We-Can-Do-This phase

When feelings of lowness starts to fade, an extraordinary enthusiasm starts to awaken, the determination to reverse pain, the perseverance to bounce back and prove something. This is what happens here. Everybody will get back to work full of excitement to try once again. A mixed feeling of redemption and revenge- the good kind of revenge, if there is. HAHA

This is the point where each members will find strength within the group. The bond will get stronger. House rules will be create and implemented. Usually this incmudes, when to get to bed, how many pages should be accomplished before the sleeping commence, how many minutes to recess, who will sleep at the right side of the bed, and the likes.

Coffee will be the new friend of the group except for the allergic ones and members of anti-caffeine movement.

The We-Thought-We’re-Already-Done-But-Life-Is-Full-Of-Bombs Phase

Tragic and devastating. The darkest phase of the production. This is when you thought that everything’s well because defense is done already until the advisor emailed you claiming that the entire research is a mess and that we should start from the top.

This destroyed us. It took me 24 hours to get back o work. I can’t comprehend where such remark was coming from. But then again, I relaized the advisor is the advisor. She’s only doing her job.


So life must goes on. This time, efforts should be doubled. Everyone should be at the top of their game. No time to chill. Until, a member of the group gets sick. Yes, seriously, Jessadale got fever during one of our sessions. As a member of the group, its vita that you understand each other especially at the most tragic and devastating times. If someone needs to rest, please let her be. Support system is crucial here. The strength of the research lies on the strength of the research writers of course.

This is also the phase that you become numb of pain and sleep deprivation, torpid of taking  a bath, sudden change of your home address because you’re staying at your thesismates’ apartment for weeks and the rise of corny jokes, hugots and punchlines. In short, SABOG NA LAHAT!

The War-Is-Over phase

This is the phase where you already passed the final hardbound copy of the thesis to the school and to the professor. Then you take a hot shower realizing that this phase is both saddening and fulfilling. Sobrang nakakaproud, masaya ang phase nato pero nakakasepanx.

This is also the point where you realize the meanigful lessons of your struggles and how fortunate you are to share the struggle with equally passionate humans who will also die for everything just to finish what we’ve started. I couldn’t thank enough these gorgeous souls who put so much into the thesis, who never quits despite unexpected bombs. You all deserve a pat in the back. Miss you girls! You’re the awesome-est!


This photo was taken during our pre-graduatiion party. At this point we already recovered our sleepless nights and kasabogan moments. SOBRANG FRESH LANG!


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