20 things I told my 20 year old self.


20 is the age of youthful mixture of bravado and immaturity. June 15, 2016 came easily that it felt so surreal realizing that its #adulting life already. Because life at 20 is scary and uncertain and pretty unknown to me, I have this 20 things I told to my 20 year old self .

1. To greater things ahead

I love using this phrase. It reminds us that we are limitless. That life is full of infinite possibilities waiting to be conquered. Dream. Keep dreaming  Aim high.

2. Be happier

Happiness is subjective. It’s an everyday decision. Letting go of expectations is one strong factor to attain happiness. The thing with expectation is they choke us with standards. When we’re not able to attain those, we’ll be disappointed. Life becomes so heavy. Life becomes full of all those failures. So get rid of them. Be happier.

3. Explore,climb and dive

Getting lost and finding self through traveling. There’s a whole lot of lessons one can gain from traveling, as they say, there’s quiet no lessons as worthy as the lessons of traveling. Once in a while make sure to climb or walk just to appreciate the world you lived in.

4. No regrets

Letting go of what ifs and what nots. You might have goals during teen years you haven’t achieved but it doesn’t mean you let yourself be stucked with those. Leave regrets to the side, start fresh and this time make it better.

5. Let go of unworthy baggages

Letting go of toxic people and habits is a wise decision. When things or persons become toxic to you, they no longer contribute to your happiness and growth rather they gave you headaches and sorrows, let go of them. You deserve better.  Always make sure you chose your baggages. Make sure you’re not being hard on yourself. Life wasn’t made to be lived that way.

6. Climate care

Be one with the changing climate. Fight for its preservation. Demand the capitalist countries to pay their climate debt. Strenghten your affiliation to environmental groups. Spread the activism.  Plant more trees. Minimize use of plastics. Save the dolphins. Empower others to be one with the fight.

7. Gender equality

Keep fighting for gender equality. Society becomes harmonious when rights of every individual despite gender or race are acknowledged. Empower women. Never be sexit. Don’t use sexist or homophobic remarks to anyone for it only perpetuates the culture of hate among us. instead celebrate individuality. Respect.

8. Push change

Believe that there is always a better circumstance on the other side of the coin. The choice to change your life is always at your hand. Life maybe unceratin and fearful now but no worries, every single human being needs to get through it. That’s part of life, that’s part of growing.

9. Find your fire

Pursue your passion. Pursue something that fulfills you, that makes you happy. Leave inhibitions behind.

10. Move on

Get out of unhealthy mindsets, move on. Never be fixated in situations where you feel unworthy, or when you loss the value of your individuality. You are awesome. You are meant to live your life forward.

11. Better cups of coffee

Indulge in deep conversations. Meet and converse with new people not of the same age. Talk about cinema, arts, photography. Get to know artists, dreamers, visionaries and changemakers that would inspire you. Just make sure you do it over cups of coffee, they make it more enjoyable.

12. Motivate

Everyday is a new day to try again. Motivate yourself to always be at the top of your game. Use your weaknesses as opportunities to improve and be better than yesterday.

13. Rise up

Learn from losses, disappointments and failures. As Andra Day song put it, rise up a thousand times again despite of the aches.

14. Time

The most precious commodity on earth. Learn to value it more. Devote time to things that matter to you. Make time to always catch up with old friends and most importantly with family.

15. Reach your goals

Make them possible. Be determined.

16. Social justice

Always be at the side of the poor, the marginalized, the education and basic services. Engage more in actions that would push through social justice. Be the voice of those who can’t speak up. Be a catalyst of change. Fight for #SixWillFix that allocates at least 6% of GNP to education. Fight for universal health care.

17. Inspire

Always and always remember this, life is meant to be lived for others. You can only claim that indeed you have lived when you are able to inspire others. So as early as now start planting your seeds. Inspire others to live the ebst of their lives, to live without fears, to live with acceotance, to live with substance and to live gratituosly.

18. Take risks

Be fearless. Life is not meant to be played safe. When an opportunity knocks and you feel its both exciting and scary, then you should embrace it. Risk harnesses humans. Risks make us wiser in life. It prepare us to gretaer challenges ahead.

19. Grow in love

If it hurts, then one thing is for sure, you’ll learn a lot from it. Grow. Don’t punish yourself that you overly soaked yourself to pain. Be wise to say that somethig is enough, walk out from that room, take a good shower, smile. Life is good.

20. Freedom

Being 20 gives us a new kind of liberation. But mind you, it requires a certain amount of responsibility and caution.Live your life according to what you want it to be.

20 and fully ready to take on thsis uncertain ride called #adulting.


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