20 things I told my 20 year old self.


20 is the age of youthful mixture of bravado and immaturity. June 15, 2016 came easily that it felt so surreal realizing that its #adulting life already. Because life at 20 is scary and uncertain and pretty unknown to me, I have this 20 things I told to my 20 year old self .

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Visual Diary: A Visit to Cagnituan for my 20th


Situated more than an hour away from the national highway, Cagnituan is an underrated beauty deserves to be discovered and experienced. Hidden on the mountains, this wonder offers an awesome falls and a cave locally called as Guinsohotan Cave. The falls was refreshing and cold flowing from the mouth of the majestic cave.

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10 Things to do in San Isidro, Leyte

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This underrated municipality of Leyte located around four hours of land trip from Tacloban City is a laid-back, mellow beauty with stunning views to visit and warm people to be with.

Jolleanne, a very good friend of mine, after several cancelled plans to visit her own municipality was in awe late morning of April 02 when Johann, Kariel, Me and Nicole was waiting in front of their house trying to compose ourselves from the very exhausting 4-hour land trip. She was not expecting our visit claiming that she was used to how we cancel San Isidro plans. Well, I can’t blame her.

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I was There: Climate March in Tacloban, PH


Tacloban, Leyte took the global scene not for the discovery of cancer treatment but sadly because the most devastating super typhoon strucked the region . Typhoon Yolanda was one hell of a typhoon. But more than the narratives of devastations, the deeper issue lies on how we overlooked the fight for climate crisis. Climate crisis is climate change and people should act holistically to immediately address this global dilemma because our lives and the lives of the next generation is at stake,and it is certainly non-negotiable.

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